“Discover the sacred beauty of Mother Earth through an Indigenous lens. Experience the unparalleled beauty of pristine natural spaces by visiting ancestral healing waters and sacred mountains. Unforgettable wellness experiences to uplift your spirit and rejuvenate your body with renewed energy.”

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For further information and/or inquiries please contact the Host. at 1.587.225.8419 or by email at. amanito@telus.net

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  • "I really enjoyed this 6-day healing adventure. I liked it when we had the ceremony with the water spirit; and the interaction with our hosts at Spotted Lake.  The mud baths were refreshing and healing. The scenery was so beautiful. I live in the prairie so that was very different for me.  To end it all seeing those two eagles on our last day was the best, telling me that everything was going to be good. This trip was what I needed.  Thank you so much, Alvin, for guiding us through these days and leading us in the ceremonies. Chi Meegwetch!"
    Elaine S.
  • "I really enjoyed these six days, journeying through some beautiful country. I enjoyed the spiritual baths at the hot spring and at Spotted Lake, the mineral baths were very refreshing. I enjoyed the connection with the water spirits. I felt this was a very honoring trip, especially when we got to see Grandfather Eagle give us the sign we were doing things the right way. Meegwetch Alvin, keep up what you are doing."
    Arleen W.
  • "I enjoyed my time in the mountains. I have never been there. My late husband and I had dreams to see the mountains. I'm on the road to recovery and I am finally starting to heal. I feel like I needed this time to myself. I enjoyed the scenery, the beautiful waters. I smudged and prayed for guidance to become a better me for my kids. Thanks so much for this trip, I enjoyed it all, nature is beautiful. Meegwetch!"
    Bonnie M