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Earthcode Tours is an Indigenous owned and operated company that is based on the Tsuutina Nation just outside Calgary, Alberta. The principal travel advisor is Alvin Manitopyes, a member of the Muskowekwan First Nation with Cree, Nakoda, and Anishnawbe bloodlines. He has extensive experience in socio-economic development on First Nations lands in areas of capacity-building, business development, governance, consultation, and most recently Truth and Reconciliation training for businesses and groups. He is an accomplished traditional dancer/performer and has several decades of experience providing cultural entertainment performances for hotel guest audiences in Banff National Park.

Our Mission

Journeys worth taking

Our mission is to co-create with the natural sacred energies of Mother Earth, and share Indigenous cultural experiences with visitors, promoting health, wellness, and fellowship.

Alvin’s Personal Message

“It’s all about having fun, making friends, healing, learning about culture, appreciating the beauty of Mother Earth, and creating long lasting memories. Our primary responsibility is getting people where they need to be in a safe timely manner.”

Earthcode’s past experience in organizing international travel include the following excursions

  • A bus tour for 42 Indigenous students from Calgary, to hike and visit the Havasupai Reservation at the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.
  • A cultural and spiritual exchange for a First Nation delegation of 5 Elders with the Ayamara people at the sacred 5,000-year-old Tiwanaku temple, in the Andes mountains of western Bolivia.
  • A one-week tour for 10 people from Canada and USA to visit the world destination heritage site at Machu Pichu, Peru.
  • A two-week traditional Hawaiian beach/sunset wedding package for a couple and their 16 guests wedding party, on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

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